Quick And Efficient Recovery Of Mac Volumes

Today, Mac Computers have become a desirable thing to possess because of its advanced innovative and attractive operating System. No doubt it has several outstanding features and advantages, but at the same time, just like any other machine, it is not untouched by troubles, errors, corruptions and data loss issues.

Mac volume is logical drive serving as single accessible storage with File System which can be read and recognized by the Macintosh Operating System. Mac Volume consists of CDs, DVDs, internal and external hard drives as well as partitions of Hard drives etc. As they say nothing is perfect in this world. Same goes for the best machine like Mac which may get troubled due to some unfortunate mishaps and the users suffer critical data loss and the PC starts functioning abnormally.


Reasons for Mac Volume Corruption/Missing:

You may come across a situation when you may not find your Mac volume or the Macintosh operating System may not read it. Such situations lead to significant data loss which makes the user go panic because the Mac volume denies access. There are various reasons for Mac Volume Corruptionas discussed below:


  • File System Corruption: In Macintosh Operating System, there are local partitions or logical drives as HFS (Hierarchial File System), HFS+ etc. These file system are very much prone to corruption on some uncalled situations like sudden power failure, abnormal PC shutdowns, Viral infection etc. And this leads to a loss of data stored in the corrupted partition.

  • Map Corruption: When the system file gets corrupted, the Apple partition Map also gets corrupted and thus the Mac fails to track and locate the HFSX volume making it inaccessible or invisible in the Mac.

  • Hard Drive Scratches: A hard drive is developed with electro-mechanical theory. There is a rotating platter which gets scratched while read write-head moves across it. And these scratches lead to corruption in the Hard Drive.

  • Volume Header Corruption: The header of the HFSX volume gets corrupted due to whatsoever reason may lead to make the entire volume inaccessible. Actually it stores the requisites to access the volume data and thus any corruption in Volume header makes the whole volume deficient.

  • Software Conflicts: There can be situation when two programs can not run in the same PC due to conflict for same memory, device, registry etc. and such situation may lead to Mac Volume corruption.

  • Virus Infection: When a PC is infected with spyware, malware and Virus, it ruins the essential resources, programs, files and important settings in the PC. Therefore, it is another common reason for the Mac volume corruption.

  • Mistakenly formatting or Reformatting of Volume: Many a times, the users happens to format or reformat the Mac volume accidentally and unconsciously. This leads to valuable data loss.

Apart from all these aforementioned volume corruption causes, which lead to volume missing or lost, there are several other unknown ones causing data loss.

Consequences of Mac Volume corruption:

  • Valuable data loss: The data contained in the volume becomes inaccessible

  • Files get overwritten with new data: There is no accurate information regarding the disk space that how much space is used and how much is unused.

  • Abnormal PC Performance: Mac starts running very slow and ultimately it may get freeze up.

  • Raising troubles: Moreover, the volume corruption must not go unchecked, else it may spread over the entire device aggravating the troubles.

8Mac Disk Utility

There are solutions available for fixing the Mac Volume corruption issues and Mac Volume Recovery. Mac has developed Disk Utility which the user may use to unformat the accidentally deleted/formatted data and for dealing few other corruption issues. Although most of the times, this inbuilt utility proves of no help and fails to deal with the corruption issues, ultimately displaying errors like :

  • Volume was found to be corrupt and needs to be repaired”

  • Invalid Directory item count”

  • Volume Header needs minor repair

  • Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit

When you encounter such errors, you must understand that the disk utility is not capable enough to fix the corruption. And it indicates serious damage to hard drive volume and file system. But you don’t have to get worried because there are few manual solutions available to help you to undelete trash and recover files on Mac OS X and to deal with such corruption issues as discussed below:

Journalizing a File: It is a process to protect data from a sudden power outage corruption or hardware failure. Follow the steps given below once the system restarts:

Type “fsck” command to repair HFS or HFS+ files system. However, it does not completely resolve such issues and fail to give successful results.

Mac Volume Recovery Tool

So when you fail to to repairing the file system and recover lost volume and data, even after using the disk utility and few manual processes, then the user must go for the third party utility Mac Volume Recovery tool. It is the best tool to deal with all Mac related corruption issues. It is the ultimate solution for recovery of lost data and Mac volume recovery. This incredible tool is the outcome of collective efforts of a team of expert engineers and professionals who have used vigorous scanning algorithms and advanced techniques to identify and recover the lost files on Mac Volume. Its strength can be determined from the fact that it can restore files from mistakenly deleted, formatted, lost or corrupted HFS or HFS+ volume on the Macintosh. It looks for errors in the catalog file, multi-linked file, journal files and volume information. In spite of being a powerful tool, its user interface is very simple which has been designed with a layman’s perspective. This makes it an easy-to-use tool and even a novice can operate it. Now lets take a glimpse of the advantageous features of Mac Volume Recovery tool mentioned below:

  • It rectifies the series of Mac OS X volume errors

  • It also recovers data lost due to formatting the disk

  • It recovers damaged and deleted volumes

  • It repairs and recovers the partitions and data contained on them

  • It verifies permissions on Mac boot volume

  • It also facilitates with an option to recover the volume in its original state

  • It repairs and re-establish the damaged Mac OS X directory

  • Its Self-descriptive interface guides the user throughout the recovery process

Moreover, the tool is also available in free trial version which provides a detailed demonstration of the tool’s performance, effectiveness and efficiency. The tool generates a preview list of all the repaired and recovered files, but in order to save these recovered files and data, the user needs to purchase the licensed tool. The tool is very much compatible with both Intel based Macs as well as PowerPC Macs.


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